Scandinavian design wood slat barn door

My love for barn doors is not new. In our old house, I designed one with reclaimed wood in the master bedroom.

Since we moved and our new master bedroom has more of a Scandinavian vibe, I wanted a barn door on the walk-in we created that would be simple and with a timeless design to reflect our neutral room.

Additionally, I had already started incorporating designs with wood slats elsewhere in the house and thought that it would fit perfectly for our room while being cohesive with the rest of our home design style.

So I replicated the living room wall separation concept to fit as a barn door. I’ve been asked countless times about this tutorial, and I am happy to finally share it!

Our door size is 84” x 37 ¼”, so the dimensions below reflect this size door.


  • Wood slats 3/4” x 1 ½”

  • 2 pieces of wood 37 ¼” x 5 ½” x ¾”

  • Screws #8. Size: 1 ½”

  • Screw digger bit ½”

  • Wood dowels 5/16” x 1½”

  • Wood glue

  • Barn rail system 79” x 2”

  • Sand paper 220 grit

  • 4 lag screws 2” x 3/8” with a hexagon head

  • Foam roller

  • Water based varnish


  • Drill