How to DIY a Roman Clay Fireplace

If you want to add texture, interest while keeping things subtle, roman clay is the way to go!

Our fireplace have been through a few changes, and ever since we did this project, I have kept changing the look of it. It was first all white, which I liked, then I painted the base black when I felt like a change. At this time, I was hesitant about the top but decided to take some time to think about it.

My options: cement, plaster, lime wash... After three months, I finally pulled the trigger.

I adored the texture of the DIY lime wash I did in our master bedroom, and I wanted something similar but not quite the same. So, I opted for roman clay!

This DIY is very simple. Roman clay can be bought ready made, but also easily DIYed.

I mixed 2 portions of joint compound to one portion of paint. I used the same base paint I took for the lime wash, Benjamin Moore Winds Breath.