How I Modernized Our Bathroom Vanity

When I started thinking about our master bathroom makeover, I wanted to change the vanity. Not that it was not good, but I wanted something with more character and warmth instead of the pure white one we had.

After searching for a while, I came to the decision that I will try to upcycle it instead. Most of the ones I wanted were over $6,000 and I did not want to invest this kind of budget knowing that what we had was still good.

So, after looking for more inspiration on Pinterest, my initial thoughts were to have fluted vanity facings. But I decided to go with cane webbing. It's a material that I love, natural (made from the skin of the rattan plant), a classic, it gives the retro feel I was trying to achieve while being modern since it's still very much on trend - not that I necessarily follow trends, but I love it! it's also a material that is strong yet delicate, and this kind of duality in materials and pieces I choose is something I love!

With all the other materials and finishes I had in the bathroom, I decided to paint the vanity as well and change the hardware to something smaller and more subtle so the focus remains on the look of the cane webbing.

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