Five Tips for Decorating with Plants

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Houseplants are one of the best decor items you can use to bring life to your interiors. Everyone is currently hyped up about them, but they have been used for ages in interiors.

Why? There are so many reasons they are loved so much – most are affordable, they are pretty, add a touch of color, help bring nature in and add character to a space. They fit in any type of decor, and how you style them and which ones you choose will make all the difference.

Wood slats wall separation with plants

So, let’s take a deeper dive into all this. Here are five tips to cohesively integrate plants in your decor.

Choosing plants that fit with your decor style

While there are no rules of which plants fit with each interior style, and you can totally buy what you love, I like to select my plants in a way that fits with my style, but also with the different spaces I have.

For example, my living room has a lot of curves and arches as well as soft edged furniture, so I like to complement it with plants that look delicate with small leaves. I chose a variety of small to mid-size plants. Some are hanging plants, others are bushy but in general, they are light plants that provide movement and flow.

Some examples are Jasmin, String of pearls or String of turtles, a ZZ plant and different types of Pileas. I have one corner of the living room where I used a bigger and more imposing plant, a Fiddle Leaf Fig to make a statement and anchor the space.

My office space on the other hand feels more robust with sharper edge furniture and I used a combination of Pothos, Snake plants and cacti. In my opinion, choosing plants that fit with a space’s style helps create cohesiveness while bringing life to a space.

reading nook with shelves and plants

Making an impact by displaying plants in the right places While the most common places to see plants are the main living areas, don’t forget about the rest. Plants can totally make an impact when placed in other less common spaces.

Think for instance of a bathroom. They help create a zen atmosphere and add a pretty touch. Just as you’d pick pretty hardware for your bathroom, think of plants when accessorizing it. Some plants do very well in the bathroom because of the humid nature of this space. Hang a Pothos in a corner, add a little snake plant above the toilet or a Peace Lilly in a corner and you’ll have an upgraded bathroom!

If your bathroom does not get a lot of natural light, plants will brighten up the space. You’ll just need to choose plants that do not require a lot of light such as Snake plant, Peace Lilly, Pothos and ZZ plants.

Other places to think of are bedrooms and kitchen. Plants help clean the air, so they work great in a bedroom and add a pretty touch to a kitchen. Look around your house, any place can use a plant if you want to upgrade it easily!

Playing with contrast and dimensions Another way of styling with plants is to play with contrast and dimension, and even texture just like you would with other decor pieces. Plants have various colors, some flower while others don’t. Leaves come in different shapes, sizes and textures and here is how I like to use these aspects for styling.

For instance, you can place a plant with flowers or with variegated leaves such as a golden Pothos against a dark background to make the corner stand out.

Group small plants with different textures together to create depth and dimension. Use the interior design rule of three to make your grouping as using an odd number in styling is more attractive to the eye.

Use plants to create balance on a shelf for instance. You can use on one end a hanging plant and on the other a plant that stands tall to balance a shelf or two.

Finally, there is nothing like a large plant to make a statement. Use these larger plants as standalones to fill an empty corner or next to a couch.

Choosing the right planters

There are endless ways you can display plants. Depending on where I want to display them and what I’m looking to achieve in a space, I’ll choose different planters to complement both plants and my style.

pilea in black ceramic planter

For instance, I love raw materials and they fit well with my style. So, for my large plants, I will go for large, beautiful planters made with clay or ceramic. Combined with a large plant, they add depth and a beautiful statement in any space.

For small plants that go on a shelf, table or cabinet, I stay in the same style but will choose planters that are cohesive together and with my overall home style and color palette. My go-to are white, beige, black planters with different textures.

pilea aquamarine on thrifted books

However, think also of plant risers and stands. I use thrifted books as risers or a long plant stand when I want to give more length to a mid-sized plant.

In general, keep an open mind on where you can display plants. Think of hanging them from the ceiling, in a cabinet, on shelves, display them on your coffee table or a corner of your desk. They are pretty anywhere!