Fall 2020 – One Room Challenge | Reveal Week 6 | Transforming our living room


Week 6 (extended) of the One Room Challenge have finally arrived and I am so happy to share the final result!

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Kind of like the first week, the reveal is a special time as you see what you had imagined in front of your eyes and start enjoying it. I'll be honest, every time I pass by the living room, I smile and my heart is filled with gratitude to be able to do such a project and work and share with you one thing I'm passionate about!

And this feeling does not only come from the fact that it is a renovation or a new room, the feeling of contentment comes from much deeper inside.


Seven months ago, when we walked in this house for the visit, right before the Covid-19 confinement announcements, I immediately felt this place could be our home.

After the sale of our house, we had been in temporary housing with a lease coming to an end, and searching for a new home for a long time, so the anxiety of not being able to find a place was pretty high. After a first quick tour as the house was empty, I exchanged a quick glance with my husband and we immediately understood that this had to be it! Was it because we had no other place to go? Was it because we were just so tired and anxious? Was it the pressure of a new additional situation that we needed to manage on top of everything else (pandemic)?

I don't know, probably a mix of everything and a very strong desire for stability and a new start. But, we felt great at this moment and already imagined so many things!

So, fast forward 7 months later, one room we really wanted done very fast was the living room as this is the first thing you see when you come in. It's also the place where we host and spend time together. It was also a space with unusual dimensions, that looked rather empty and cold, and we had to make use of the wood burning stove in the winter which was not up to standards any longer.