How to Upcycle Vases, Vessels and Planters

Vases and vessels are some of the decor items I love so much. That's probably because I love adding florals to my home in every season. And it's also so fun to style, they go just about anywhere, from shelves, dining table, coffee table, bathroom vanity, sideboard and so on.

Some could be quite pricey though, especially with all the craze around everything organic and oversized. One of the ways I love integrating vases and vessels in my home is by thrifting and upcycling. It's a super budget-friendly, better for the environment and allows for many changes if you like to switch thing often.

There are so many ways to upcycle, the key is just to get creative and try. I am sharing a few ways I have tried some and loved. Some I have seen others do and have tried, others I have explored myself.

Spray Paint

The easiest! There's nothing like spray paint and the possibilities are huge as well! It is also a very inexpensive way to upcycle something thrifted or something you don't like anymore. Most of the time, you just need to properly clean your item before spray painting. Work in small areas and let dry before using. Rustoleum is my favorite brand for spray paint, and they have so many finishes like matte paint, stone effect, concrete effect and much more! They are easily found in any hardware store.