DIY window frames spray painting

A little while ago, I was sitting in the living room with ten thousand ideas and thoughts running through my head, as usual, and one of them was what can I do with my old wooden window frames….

Well, we knew when we moved in last year that they will need to be changed a few years down the road, but I did not want to wait that long. So, while I was thinking what windows we will eventually have, I thought of trying to paint the frames in the meantime.

And just like that, I added another project to our list, just before the end of 2020. Overall, I would say that it was pretty easy to do, however, it can be quite messy and the prep work is what takes most time. But, I have no regrets at all, it has changed the look of our home so drastically and I love it!

Here’s what you’ll need.


Sand paper 120 grit

Frog tape

Spray Paint – Rustoleum (and I’ll explain why later)

Sand paper


Polythene film


Face mask

Step 1 – sand and clean

Our frames as mentioned are wood, so they needed to be sanded lightly to remove any varnish and old wood. I simply took a 120 grit sand paper to polish the surface and remove any old varnish without making it rough.

Then, vacuum the sawdust and wipe with a lightly wet cloth. If your frames are stained or have accumulated dirt, you’ll need to think about degreasing them and then cleaning so that the surface is free from any debris and dirt.

Step 2 – prep

Take out any piece of furniture and décor you can move out of the way. Not only will you have more space to work but will ensure the fumes won’t get to them. If you can remove them entirely from the room or put them on the side as far as possible from where you’ll be painting and cover them.

Using frog tape and polythene film, cover the rest of the window, the walls, the ceiling, the floor and anything else that you cannot move away and that is too close to the window.

This is the most tedious part, and the lengthiest but you’ll be happy you did it. While spray paint is faster to apply and has a much more sleek and uniform look than regular paint, it does a lot of mess and particles from fume can spread very far. So, it’s important that you protect everything around.

Step 3 – mask and gloves

Ensure you always wear the appropriate mask because the smell is quite strong and not healthy. When spraying paint, you are very close and receive all the fumes, so a good mask is a must. Also, gloves will keep your hands clean from paint.