DIY Lime Wash Recipe with Regular Paint

You want a lime was effect to create a wall accent or paint a whole room by doing it yourself? This is what I wanted to try, a lime was effect in our master bedroom without the regular lime wash paint.

I wanted to experiment creating a similar effect to what traditional lime wash paint does by using regular wall paint.

Why? Simply because I like to experiment and learn the alternatives to what already exists for those who may opt for a more affordable option to lime wash or when the latter is not easily available.

So that's what I did. There are many lime wash recipes out there, this is how I did mine.

I must say I thought this would be easy but it was not as easy as I thought it would be. I made mistakes, I did not get it right the first time, I had to find ways to fix what I did but ultimately, I was able to get to something I love.