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There's no place like home.

I have always had a love for decorating my spaces, setting up beautiful tables, presenting food nicely and so on.

In 2017, I launched an ecommerce business and started styling all the products, by creating stories and moments. So I developed my photography and styling skills and creation became part of my daily life. 

Fast forward to 2019, we put our first home for sale, which I home staged and prepped for all the visits to come. It wasn't until we sold, and we found ourselves having to move to a temporary place until we found our second home that I realized how deeply passionate I was about interior design, but mostly how intrinsically related it is to how I feel and who I am as a person. So I promised myself that our next home would be meaningful in everyway to us, beyond decor.

In previous years, although I love decorating, I didn't really venture much into DIYs and mostly designed spaces that my hubby would renovate. But through the process of starting a new home, I learnt that everything can be improved, that it doesn't always require a huge budget, that as long as you're not afraid to try, you can find so many workarounds and creative ways to make your house (or apartment or rental or whatever) a home that you love.

So now, I don't wait to have to renovate an entire kitchen or bathroom (or other) if I can't put in the budget right away, I find ways to improve it myself, one project, one DIY, one styling at a time.


And most importantly, beyond any aesthetic trend, home is about creating and telling your story and every detail in it should feel like YOU.

I hope I can inspire you to do the same!

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