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I believe every home has potential, and the possibilities of making it beautiful are endless.

Hi! I'm Lara


I’m the designer, stylist and DIYer behind Liv & bloom.


To me, home is beyond a sanctuary, it's at the heart of feeling our best every day; our safe place where we let go of our sorrows, live through our joys, create our dreams and where we make place for beautiful memories.


I believe in a home that represents the people who live in it, and it's very much about embracing progress and seeing possibilities where others may not.  

Liv & bloom is about living beautifully and blooming through it all, on all levels!

Here, you'll see interiors being transformed on a budget, before and afters that evolve with time, changes that adapt to seasons and creative ways to make a home look elevated in an approachable and affordable way.

This is not a place where you'll see the latest trends, I go after memories, feelings and what makes you or your family who you are.... because design is personal!


A bit of history.

I call myself multi-passionate! 


I have a background in marketing + communications with experience in various industries and fields. I worked for over 20 years in the corporate world before launching a first company in 2017, and then this blog and creative studio.​ 

After upgrading our first house ourselves, we sold it and are currently renovating our second.


This is what led me to create Liv & bloom. I learnt that it's possible to create a beautiful home no matter your budget, and how important it is to love your home and make it your own... it just feels so good! 

I believe in a home that reflects your own unique personality and story....

Mine includes sweet memories of the Mediterranean Sea, nature and huge trees and flowering bushes like olives, citrus and jasmin. I have images of arches and stone and old wooden tables and doors.


So, it's no surprise that I have a lot of these elements in my home now along with others that I came to love as my experiences grew. 


When I design, I look for character (incorporating old and new), functionality as well as sustainable and organic materials where possible.


On the blog, I share small and large-scale home renovations, styling, attainable decor, DIYs, as well as food and lifestyle . My wish is to inspire you to create spaces that reflect who you are and bring you joy.

In here, you'll read about my mistakes, my learnings, my inspirations and my progress through loving my home and giving it the potential it deserves!

But, that's not all! Keep reading... 


Designing for you.

Beyond aesthetics and function, there is also so much value in unlocking your home's potential.


I also help you design and style your home to create your own piece of beauty and comfort.

Whether you need advice on a space or help to create a home you love, I work with you to bring your vision to life and give value to your home.


Explore how I can help you and what works best for you. I am also only an email away and always love to chat!

Your brand partner.

Are you a brand looking to style your products and getting eyes on them?


I partner with brands that align with my values and aesthetics to create content for them and/or to share them with my audience. 


If you'd like to explore a partnership with Liv & bloom, please reach out to discuss how we can work together.


My home can also be rented as a photography studio for various photo and video shoots. ​It is located in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec, Canada.


Check out how you can rent it on The Studio Hive.

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